M E M S  &  N E M S

Nanomechanical memory, switch, filter, mixer and

timing oscillator for



Coupled resonator

systems for

up and down

conversion & novel

signal processing.

Our research in the area of MEMS and NEMS focuses on the application of MEMS and NEMS devices for wireless communication and sensing. In particular, we have been applying our nanomechanical resonator technology to develop nanomechanical memory, switch, filters and timing oscillators for eventual use in wireless communication systems. Our devices are nanomechanical resonators, capable of vibrating at speeds exceeding 3 GHz. Because of their mechanical construct and small size, they enable a host of novel applications in the components space. We have been exploring specific applications, which include nanomechanical memory elements for high-speed high-density data storage and gigahertz-range nanomechanical devices for use as frequency-selecting device and timing oscillator in wireless communication. We continue to develop MEMS-based components for fundamental and technical applications.

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