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Breaking the noise barrier: Enter the phonon computer
Justin Mullins, New Scientist (10/5/2010), web

Babbage nanomachine promises low-energy computing
New Scientist (3/25/2010), web

Mems als logische gate is stuk zuiniger
Pieter Edelman, Bits & Chips (Dutch) (3/30/2010), web

Mekanisk logik i nanometerskala
Jan Tångring, Elektroniktidningen (Swedish) (4/16/2010), web

Nano-assisted computers
Nature (India), Research Higlight (4/29/2010), web


New circuits feed on noise
Solmaz Barazesh, Science News (3/12/2009), web

Noise Fine-Tunes Nanoscale Sensor
Mason Inman, New Scientist (10/15/2005), web web

No-Nuisance Noise
Adi Bulsara, Nature 437, 962 (10/13/2005), web local

Das weisse Rauschen
Volker Wienl, Spektrum Direkt (German) (10/13/2005), web

Nutzliches Nanorauschen
Rainer Schaaf, Pro-Physik (German) (10/13/2005), web

SPIN TORQUE (read paper)

NANOMECHATRONICS A new twist on a classic experiment
Nature News & Views, Alexey A. Kovalev, web

Detecting tiny twists with a nanomachine
Small Times (11/02/2008), web (11/04/2008), web
e! Science News (11/02/2008), web
Science Daily (11/07/2008), web
Daily Science News (11/02/2008), web (11/02/2008), web
analytica-world (11/04/2008), web (11/06/2008), web
nano (11/03/2008), web
GBP CAPITAL (11/03/2008), web

Nanoscale torsion resonator is developed (11/03/2008), web

Boston researchers develop nanoscale torsion resonator
Small Times (11/04/2008), web

Magnetic Overthrow, Physicists expose a hidden facet of a familiar phenomenon
Peter Weiss, Science News Online (01/07/2006), web

Tiny Twister
Mason Inman, Physical Review Focus (09/19/2005), web

Spintronik: Physikerteam gelingt Nachweis eines
nano-mechanischen Torsionseffektes durch Drehimpulsaenderung von Elektronen
Jacobs University News, web (German)
Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (11/11/2008), web (German)

Umklappende Elektronenspins verdrehen Nanodraht
German Physical Society, (11/06/2008), web (German)


Nanowire chip tracks glucose levels
Belle Dume, (02/20/2008), web

Amplifying biomolecular signals with nanoscale field effect transistors
Michael Berger, Nano Werk (01/22/2008), web


Nanobeams get in rhythm
Belle Dume, (04/05/2007), web local

NNN Nano News Net (04/06/2007), web (Russian)


Physics Update
Physics Today (04/2005), web local

Qubit Twist
Charles Q. Choi, Scientific American (04/2005), web local

Displacement joins the quantum club
Steve Reucroft and John Swain, CERN Courier (03/30/2005), web

Nano mechanical oscillator makes big wave
R. Colin Johnson, EE Times (02/21/2005), web web German

World’s Fastest Oscillating Nanomachine Holds Promise For Telecommunications, Quantum Computing
Science-Daily (02/17/2005), web

Evidence for Quantized Displacement
Phil Schewe and Ben Stein, American Institute of Physics: Physics-News-Update (2/17/2005), web

Science team advances technology
Alex Davison, The Daily Free Press (02/16/2005), web

World’s Fastest Oscillating Nanomachine Holds Promise for Telecommunications, Quantum Computing
BU News Release DailyFreePress (02/09/2005), web

In Russian: Review: ( In Polish: (University of Warsaw) local In Czech: (Natura) local In Bahasa: (Nanotech Indonesia) local In People’s Daily (China): local

MEMORY ELEMENT (read paper)

Tiny Data Switch May Store More
Mike Martin, SCI-TECH Today (02/22/2005), web

Nanomechanical beams for gigahertz memory
Mark Telford, Nanotoday (12/2004), local

Nanomechanical beams for gigahertz memory
Mark Telford, MateriasToday (12/2004), web

Nanomechanical Memory Demoed
Technology-Review (11/23/2004), local

Nanomechanical memory demoed
By Eric Smalley, Technology Research News (11/17/2004), web local

Mechanical memories take off
Belle Dume, (10/26/2004), web

Nanomechanical switch recharges computer chip technology
By David J. Craig B.U. Bridge (10/22/2004), web

Nano-Sized Data Storage Devices Carved from Silicon Prove Superior to Current Electromechanical Technology
Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials (10/05/2004), web web

Mechanical Memory Switch Outstrips Chip Technology
Space-Daily (10/04/2004), web local

Fast, Robust, And A Blast From The Past, Mechanical Memory Switch Outstrips Chip Technology
Science-Daily (10/01/2004), web

Fast, Robust, And A Blast From The Past, Mechanical Memory Switch Outstrips Chip Technology
BU News Release DailyFreePress (09/30/2004), web

Portuguese: Memoria mecanica podera revolucionar a microeletronica, Inovacao Tecnologica, Electrotel web local In German: Mechanischer Speicher mit hoher Speicherdichte, STP-Gateway local, Mechanischer Speicher: schneller als herkommliche Chips, Golem web local In Italian: local In Russian: local In Farsi local In Chinese: local


The Development of Electrical and Mechanical Biosensing Devices
UROP (04/24/2008), web

Nano World: Nano Radios For Microchips
Charles Q. Choi, Nano Tech (09/15/2008), web

Nano radios for microchips
PHYSORG (09/15/2005), web

Boston University Researcher Finds That Big And Little May Not Be The Same
BU News Release (05/06/2002), web

Nanowarriors: Military Nanotechnology and Comic Books
Scribd, web

Panel: Nanotech revolution coming in next 10 years
Christine Walsh, INDIA New England (12/15/2002), web

Nanotechnology: A Reality or Illusion?
Ranjani Saigal, Anoop Kumar and Anil Saigal, LoKvani (12/04/2002), web

Research Uncovers Possible New Explanation For Sonoluminescence
ScienceDaily (06/22/1998), web

In Hungarian: BUG Online

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