Principal Investigator: Dr. Raj Mohanty

(Science Citation Index - SCI listing - Pritiraj Mohanty, P. Mohanty)

Professor of Physics, Boston University

Ph.D. Candidates: Carsten Madler, Joseph Boales, Farrukh Matten

Visiting Researcher: Mathieu Riou (Paris-Tech)

Visiting Professor: Dr. Remco Spaanjard

Logistics: Physics Front Desk, Tel: 617-353-2600

Business Manager: Anita Gupta, Tel.: 617-353-5983

Collaborators and Collaborating Groups

Shyam Erramilli    (Boston University, Physics and Biomechanical Engineering)

Carol Rosenberg    (Boston University School of Medicine)

Remco Spaanjard  (Ninth Sense, Boston, MA)

Jerome Dorignac    (Université Montpellier, FRANCE - link )

Stefan Kettemann    (Jacobs University, GERMANY - link)

Pascal Degiovanni    (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, FRANCE - link)

Peter Fulde (Max-Planck Institut fur Physik Komplexer Systeme, GERMANY - link)

Etienne Bustarret    (Institute Neel, CNRS, FRANCE - link)

Oliver Williams    (Cardiff University - UNITED KINGDOM - link)

Dan Park    (Seoul National University, KOREA - link)

John Wei    (University of Toronto, CANADA - link)

Our group includes PhD candidates, undergraduate and high school students in a vertically integrated structure. In addition, we collaborate with a number of research groups in the world. Our research is defined by close collaboration and interaction with these research groups, government labs and industry.

P e o p l e


Dr. Robert Badzey

Dr. Alexei Gaidarzhy

Dr. Guiti Zolfagharkhani

Dr. Seung-Bo Shim

Dr. Yu Chen

Dr. Xihua Wang

Dr. Josef-Stefan Wenzler

Dr. Matthias Imboden

Dr. Tyler Dunn

Dr. Diego Guerra

Francine Klein

Freddy Obrecht

Michael Friedman

Agnes Kalinowski

Josh Shakun

John Harizi

Stephen Schneider

Jennifer Evans

Katherine Gibney

Rebecca Lewin

Angela Hojnacki

Dante Castro

Dr. Aaron Santos (Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Bill Klein)

Dr. Zhonghua Ma (Thesis Supervisor: Prof. David Coker)

Daniel Kim

Annie Gonzales

Andrew Connors

Thomas Salez

Vincent Ardourel

Guillaume Chevereau

Kevin Correia

Anna Tarakonova

Nirav Bhavsar

Willie Feng

Kyum Son Lee

Anand Patel

Sonja Page

Shahil Sanon

Adam Patch

Francis Kponyo

George Hong

Abby Starnes

Joshua Somach

Harper Willis